Na Zdrowie was created to introduce Polish food to Sydney in a inviting atmosphere where people can experience and celebrate while savouring the flavours.

Until the Partitions, Poland was one of the largest countries in the world, encompassing many regions with their own, distinctive culinary traditions. During the Late Middle Ages, the cuisine of Poland was hearty and spicy the main ingredients were meat (both game and beef) and grains. As the territory of Poland was densely forested, use of mushrooms, forest fruits, nuts and honey was also widespread. Although native vegetable foods were an ancient and intrinsic part of the cuisine the Renaissance began a period in which vegetables such as lettuce, leek, celeriac, beetroot and of course cabbage were more widely used.

Na Zdrowie has won many awards and our food has been the subject of rave reviews. Our chefs strive to expand on our success and display our long culinary traditions as not only hearty and traditional but also to create diverse and delicious combinations. Given the wide variety of dishes & delicacies available (and some exotic ones at that) which Na Zdrowie has on offer you will find gastronomic treats to suit any palette.

Our traditionally inspired dining area awaits you with a cozy, romantic ambiance and merry atmosphere, the perfect setting for you to enjoy the sumptuous delights from our menu washed down with a refreshing Polish beer or two. Banquet tables can also cater for larger groups. Our service staff add to the atmosphere providing a friendly, convivial service. So please raise your glass and prepare your appetite.